Cops and Serial Killers

No, this isn’t the opus that I lost when I hit the Preview button yesterday. This is just a nightmare I had last night. Pretty much your garden variety. This time there was a serial killer stalking our neighborhood. He was impersonating a cop. When I asked around about how you’re supposed to tell the real cops from the killer, the response I got was, “it’s anybody’s guess. Stay vigilant.”

Okay, that could be easy. The serial killer is a terrorist and it’s hard to tell them from your everyday Americans. Everybody’s scared these days. On the other hand, when it’s getting harder to tell them from the cops….that’s a little different. Maybe lately it’s getting harder and harder for me to tell the difference between our government and the terrorists. I’m not a radical or a leftist. At my age, I vote pretty much middle of the road moderate. After 9/11, I’ve experienced as much fear and anger as any other American. I have fantasies of being left alone in an interrogation room with some of the terrorists, except that I’m holding a baseball bat. I never voted for George Bush, and I don’t particularly like the guy. But as far as I’m concerned, we’re all Americans standing together when it comes to an outside threat. What I’m saying is, I shouldn’t have to be asking the question. I should know the difference between our government and the terrorists.

But that ain’t happening, folks. The other night I watched the eagerly anticipated Presidential press conference. All I can really remember of it is that I kept hearing “…..9/11……Iraq…..9/11……Iraq…..9/11……Saddam…..9/11…..”

It almost seemed like I was hearing one of those subliminal marketing ads. Does this guy really think we’re that stupid? The week before it was, “….to spread democracy through the Middle East…” (you mean like we did when we liberated Kuwait?). The week before that it was the WMD mantra. This shit flat out makes me uneasy. I don’t want terrorists to get their hands on nukes and chemicals any more than the next guy. So why isn’t the press corps asking what’s gonna happen with Iran and No. Korea? North Korea’s broke, and the only product they have to sell is WMD. Am I the only idiot that’s picked up on that nuance?

Then I’m hearing that the nuclear weapons “smoking gun” papers between Iraq and the African nation were forged by someone. Can’t our leaders tell a forgery? Or, are we now forging documents to make our case? Then there’s this little gem in the
Sunday Herald. Not that I haven’t been suspecting that more and more lately.

I’m sorry. I’m more than willing to attack Iraq if that’s going to make the US safer. But I’m not sure any more. A government that is openly lying to its citizens is not a government that I’m about to trust. About anything. My own personal nightmares are enough for me to deal with.

I don’t need this shit.