New Cars

No, not for me. I’m perfectly happy with my 1991 Acura Legend, besides, it only has 135k miles on it. Plus, I’m not really big on paying for a car what a small house used to cost not that many years ago (at least in Donkey years) and through creative financing staying in debt for the rest of my life.

Last week I got paid rather well to test future cars. As paranoid as I am, I’m not saying where, who, or what I saw. I had to sign all kinds of legal documents to get my check, and if I revealed the future of automobiles in this column, they’d have to kill me. Or at least sue me.

But as I recall, I didn’t sign anything relating to what I _didn’t_ see.

I didn’t see any SUVs.

(yes, you heard that right)

Thank you, Jesus.