Yawn, ho hum….

Yet another cable upgrade:


To try and get a handle on it, I think back to 1994 and 9600 baud modems that couldn’t even load the images in the whitehouse.gov website. But though I couldn’t see pictures of Bill and Hillary and whatever the White House dog or cat was, I could get the amazing new Yahoo and Lycos sites, which were basically text. And text only usenet was a blast. And even though it used to take me about a hundred tries to connect to Netcom with my dial up modem, there was a much greater Gee-Whiz factor to the thing.

These days, blogs like mine are a dime a hundred-thousand and some of the more interesting blogs have an unbelievable noise factor in the Comments sections. I downloaded a linux ISO, 650 megs in about 11 minutes this morning, but I’m not sure I have any use for it; I’m happy with my Ubuntu install and the new version won’t be out for a couple months. I read a news report that Tivo is making a deal with Netflix where we can download DVDs directly to our Tivo boxes. That’s nice, I guess. I wonder if there are any movies worth watching to download?

Tivo and speed demon internet are okay, but good people are being blown to bits daily in Iraq, smirking power-mongers seem to be in total control of the nation, and subdivision-nazis just fined us for parking a car on the street outside our house. Yeah, yeah, quit bitchin’, things could be much worse. There could be a 10 Commandments statue outside our local courthouse. Huh? What? Really. Uh, I guess there *is* a 10 Commandments statue outside my local courthouse, sorry ’bout that.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use a Gee-Whiz factor or two when I wake up in the morning. Hell, I’d even pay cash.