Everyone Else’s Gmail

This isn’t as bad as Earworms, but it’s really starting to bug me.

I got an email from Google telling me that someone was trying to retrieve my password and to ignore it if it wasn’t me. I get these all the time.

This time, though, it had the 7 other email accounts “associated with my account”. No, it wasn’t as simple as a period separating the names like everyone in the forums on the web is claiming. If I’m assholeme@gmail.com, I’m not just getting asshole.me@gmail.com and ass.holeme@gmail.com and ass.hole.me@gmail.com’s mail.

That’s at least understandable. No. I’m getting mail meant for asskicker@gmail.com, 002345ass@gmail.com, holeshit123@email.com, etc., totaling seven.

The worst part of it is, I’m not getting any good porn or pics or anything. Just boring personal messages and a ton of crap from verizon, car dealers, etc.

I filter everything that comes in. But more keeps coming.

Unfortunately, I would just kill my account and open one with a ridiculously long name, but my account is actually being used for some critical companies that I need and would be hard to change.

So for right now I’m just burning and saying to myself, “at least is wasn’t an earworm”.