Attacked by Kiddies!

A few of my small number of visitors may have noticed my site was down for a few hours and that a script-kiddie message appeared where the donkey used to be. It said something about “Anti-War Hackers” had “hacked” my BSD box.

Yawn. That donkey’s pretty bad, but…

Apparently, there was a minor security hole published on the website that I hadn’t updated until today.

My brave “anti-war” kiddies saw the flaw notification and hit a few blogs that hadn’t updated yet.

Gee, big brave anti-war hackers. Kill a donkey – destroy Bush!

Sorry, kids, my BSD box has always been, and always will be, invincible.

One thought on “Attacked by Kiddies!”

  1. That’ll teach you to be such a verbose warmonger. Trust me, that kind of stuff can get you deep in the doggie doo doo.

    Too late, it’s probably all a part of your Permanent Record by now.
    Tue.June.03 @ 15:21:20

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