He’s baaaaaccckkk…….

Dead Donkey in the middle of the web?

“yeh, yeh, dead donkey dick”
“Shut up Beavis”
“Go stick it in your bunghole..”
“Oh, yeah okay.”
“Uh, I guess we’re back now…uh…”

2 thoughts on “He’s baaaaaccckkk…….”

  1. WordPress? Really? I see they must have a Textpattern importer, but it apparently doesn’t convert Textile links…

  2. Apparently not, but that would be over my head. My new host has all this point-n-click software to install & WordPress sounded like a new project to consume time. I just knew it wouldn’t import my old database, but weirdly enough, it did.

    I haven’t tried to monkey with it yet.

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