If it’s dreary, it must be Sunday

I guess I should say something about the gay hooker with a fake name the White House gave a press pass and insider leaks to…..


As one of the other p.i.s said to J.J. Gittes, “It’s Chinatown, Jake”.

Sleaze and corruption has become so much a part of everyday government activitiy that (to sort of quote Bill Maher) “60% of high school students now think it’s normal and shouldn’t be questioned”. And on the Iraqi elections, “They can have *our* constitution. Hell, we’re not using it.”

Then there’s my friend Tucker, apparently now renting a beachfront condo in Cuba. Who never expressed much interest in politics, but was nonetheless not really prepared to spend another 4 years here with a Bush in the White House.

“It’s the one place in the world that hasn’t been contaminated by the US”, he said. “Think about it.” I did, and I’ll have to admit, he’s got me.

But ignore the mess in Washington; ignore all the “W” and “Bush/Cheney” stickers my neighbors have plastered all over their suburban tanks. Ignore the trio of 7th Day Adventists making their way down the street who should be knocking on my door any minute now. Will I open it? Sometimes I like to watch the expressions on their faces when the door opens and they’re confronted by a weird, sleepy, angry looking guy in a coffee-stained bathrobe wielding a shotgun.

Nah, I’ve got other more important things to do.

Today we’re spending a lot of time revamping our commercial websites. The one that has over 1500 products on it that I put up before I knew anything about databases and now it’s too much work to try and convert it over….that one needs thumbnails copy/pasted to various categories that haven’t been updated in months. After that, I’m scheduled to continue to revamp my search engine strategy. Apparently, when you spend weeks learning how to get your sites up in the top ten searches, and it works, and you’re getting lots of traffic….two years later you have to re-learn it all because the rules have changed and a bunch of cheap spammers have knocked you out of all your top positions. And Dick Cheney mentioned a while back that the high unemployment numbers were misleading because of all the people making money on Ebay. Maybe he was talking about me. I’m making enough on Ebay these days to take the place of the two part time jobs I’d need to survive on (assuming there were any part time jobs). So we’re attacking e-commerce here with a vengeance. But….

Enough of this, hell…..there’s someone at the door. Where’d I put that damned shotgun?