New Cars

No, not for me. I’m perfectly happy with my 1991 Acura Legend, besides, it only has 135k miles on it. Plus, I’m not really big on paying for a car what a small house used to cost not that many years ago (at least in Donkey years) and through creative financing staying in debt for the rest of my life.

Last week I got paid rather well to test future cars. As paranoid as I am, I’m not saying where, who, or what I saw. I had to sign all kinds of legal documents to get my check, and if I revealed the future of automobiles in this column, they’d have to kill me. Or at least sue me.

But as I recall, I didn’t sign anything relating to what I _didn’t_ see.

I didn’t see any SUVs.

(yes, you heard that right)

Thank you, Jesus.

2 thoughts on “New Cars”

  1. Hey, nice gig.

    So, did any of these cars of the future … fly?

    Dammit, before I die, I want a flying car.

  2. Nope, but there was an instant winshield de-fogger in case they do – oops. I’ve been wanting a flyin’ car for years now. They have the technology – I think they’re sitting on it because of the Bush administration. Yet another reason to move to Canada….”uh, honk, honk, you’re flyin’ in my lane, eh?” Seriously, if we don’t get flying cars in my lifetime, I’m coming back as a damned ghost to get a ride.

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