“Been Down so Long….

……”it looks up to me?”:http://www.richardandmimi.com/beendown67.html

No, not even close, not even when I lived on “Eddy St.”:http://cornellsun.com/node/24197

“Grandma?” She was never “Grandma”. She was always Sarah to me. And she sold me quite a few quarts of Pabst over the years….

I bought my six-packs of Molson’s from her competitor, Gus the Greek. Every time I went into his store it was (imagine a thick Greek accent)

“Hey blondie, can you get me any `puff, puff’ ?” (while making joint-smoking motions and laughing)

“I could, Gus, but then you’d call the cops and I’d have to borrow my bail from you at 30%.”

“Haha, can’t fool you, blondie. How long before all you guys need ‘shoot-em-ups’? I need to stock up, gimme some help here…”

But I’m digressing to the point of insanity. Insanity, oh, there’s a direction….

But, but…..the totally unrelated point of this bastard is DOWNTIME, and I’m thinking the Donkey needs to move back to Pittsburgh. This site has been down once a day over the past few days, and a week before that and a week before that.

My sites on Pair Networks have been down exactly once, in the wee hours of the morning, Central Time. And prior to that they emailed me a warning that my server was being upgraded to FreeBSD 6.2 and would be down for a half hour or so. Since then, nada. No downtime.

It may not even be downtime at my new DonkeyHut at Dreamhost; it could just be a clogged network, unrelated to them. But when there’s a clogged network on the way to my site at Pair, there are about 6 other backbones one can use to get to my stuff.

So, if it was just a low-traffic blog, Dreamhost is okay. I wouldn’t want to move my business there, though.

But more importantly, somehow, wherever I move, there really need to be stores on the block run by characters like Gus the Greek and Sarah. Anything less doesn’t even come close.

2 thoughts on ““Been Down so Long….”

  1. “Dreamhost … where you get just what you pay for.”

    I still say that shared *nix servers are Web 1.0 and can no longer keep up in a Web 2.0 world. Pair seems to be an exception, largely because they’ve been doing it since the day after Al Gore invented the Internet.

    And, again, you get what you pay for at Pair, as well. They are the other end of that cliche.

  2. “Dreamhost … where you get just what you pay for.”

    At least I now have hands-on experience with a cheap web host. I only had 15 users on my server, but it’s basically “anything goes”, so 4 of the users are probably running chat rooms and another six are running experimental cms’s with questionable coding. Pair has something called The Reaper that steps on that stuff before it eats up too many cpu cycles. But they’re overly cautious. They wouldn’t employ a grid until they tested it and were 300% guaranteed that there were zero bugs. So, on that basis, I’m guessing the world will be raving about Web 3.0 about the time Pair has finished testing 2.0, if there was such a thing.

    I may throw $20/mo at your host to try that out. I think you get SSL as part of that. The only scary thing I noticed in their knowledgebase was nothing on their procmail implementation. On debian, they’re probably running postfix, so I could install spamassassin and probably work up something. My main domain draws thousands of spam attempts per day, so I have to have it under control under the hood.

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