Everyone Else’s Gmail

This isn’t as bad as Earworms, but it’s really starting to bug me.

I got an email from Google telling me that someone was trying to retrieve my password and to ignore it if it wasn’t me. I get these all the time.

This time, though, it had the 7 other email accounts “associated with my account”. No, it wasn’t as simple as a period separating the names like everyone in the forums on the web is claiming. If I’m assholeme@gmail.com, I’m not just getting asshole.me@gmail.com and ass.holeme@gmail.com and ass.hole.me@gmail.com’s mail.

That’s at least understandable. No. I’m getting mail meant for asskicker@gmail.com, 002345ass@gmail.com, holeshit123@email.com, etc., totaling seven.

The worst part of it is, I’m not getting any good porn or pics or anything. Just boring personal messages and a ton of crap from verizon, car dealers, etc.

I filter everything that comes in. But more keeps coming.

Unfortunately, I would just kill my account and open one with a ridiculously long name, but my account is actually being used for some critical companies that I need and would be hard to change.

So for right now I’m just burning and saying to myself, “at least is wasn’t an earworm”.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Else’s Gmail”

  1. i get that too. mine turns out to be some very distant relatives who seem to think that just wanting the addy i’ve had for years should be ok and they should ignore those inconvenient extra letters and numbers gmail offered them.

    the newt and blake farenthold newsletters are funny, though.

    • Man, I’ve got a new menace, ever since I moved my site to a new host and decided to see if wordpress could actually import a textpattern database:

      Comment spam. Even sitting in the waiting-for-approval bin, google can still pick up their backlinks. So I try to trash them instantly and put their ip addresses in a deep dark place where they can’t get out. But still they come, bearing new numbers. In fact, I was ready to stick yet another one in the bit bucket until I noticed, “wait a minute. That’s the Mighty Manfred!”

      An Actual Real Post. Hey, how’s it going? Still in Tennessee? Moving to the ATL? Were out drinking in Atlanta and forgot to call me?

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