Testing 1,2,3….

Okay, tomorrow morning early I leave for a major trade show in Chicago. Before I leave I have to finish the remaining samples and Fedex some Egyptian-motif jewelry to a movie set. In short, I have no business even posting anything, much less a little test post after installing the latest version of Text Pattern, something that according to “this”:http://photodude.com/article/2931/todays-lesson-for-the-ever-growing-geek
could turn my site into a dead donkey in the middle of the web.

Only an idiot would try something like this at this particular time, right?

9 thoughts on “Testing 1,2,3….”

  1. Yuh-huh. Of course, being technologically mired in 1999 or 2000, this all sounds like magic to me anyway.

    What mode of travel takes you to Chicago? Ulterior motives want to know.

  2. Well, after the little problem I had with airport security a few months ago, I decided to drive. Also, there’s a lot of samples and one of the displays was too big to fit in the crate that Roadway took up.

    Hmmmm…did I notice an exit for your town last July when I drove up? Or are you in south Florida swimming with sharks by now?

  3. I learned that I can’t afford 600K for a smallish house, so at this point the sharks just have to wait to nibble on my toes. Depending on your route, you’ll pass either through here or fairly close by.

    You’re on that airport watch list now, eh?

  4. Apparently. It was like one of those cartoons, the bearded guy with the turban and the Chuck Manson gleem in his eyes goes through the line no problem, but they’re screaming “FREEZE!!! SPREAD YOUR LEGS!!!” and waving M-16s at the waspy-looking tourist in line behind him.

    Yeah, I go up 65. I think I remember an exit for your town. I considered stopping in last time but we were on a mission, burning up the miles. Probably will be this time too.

  5. Ok, back from Chicago. I passed your exit. This July I should at least give you a yell. Went to all our favorite restaurants, I love that town. No damn snow, though. I go up to Chicago to finally catch some snow and it’s 40 degrees every day. I’m glad there’s no such thing as global warming, I’d be getting nervous.

  6. You feel a little twitchy just because last year was the warmest in a century, and this winter is running about eleven degrees above normal. Of course the bitter winter has meant our heating bills went up over 50% even though there is no indication of any shortage in the supply or transmission of natural gas.

    We had snow for part of a day, but the afternoon’s fifty degree temps took care of it.

    Where’d you stay in Chicago? I have family in Wilmette and Evanston, but we usually stay downtown not too far from Grant Park.

  7. I was at the Intercontinental on Michigan (show discount). The pool on the 12th floor is incredible and I was marvelling at how carefully they recreated a “Twenties” look down to the tiles and cabana chairs until someone told me that, “uh, it’s easy to create a Twenties look if you start in the actual 1920’s. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda used to hang out here when they lived in the hotel”.

    Yeh, I love the new, improved natural gas bills this winter. “Less service at double the price! Wow, I’ll take a dozen!”

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